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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Printmakin' Ya'll!!!

Woodcuts are probably my favorite kind of fine art. It's visceral and process oriented and you get to hack up wood with sharp knives and accidentally stab yourself in the fleshy part of your palm when your dull flexcut hits an imperfection in the crappy birch wood you found in a dumpster and scream and scream and bleed all over your expensive Rives's fun! I like it anyway. One day I intend on marrying a rich lawyer or something so I can fulfill a combination of my two favorite things and make an animated woodcut movie. A short one. A really, really short one. My husband will probably divorce me, or at the very least send me off to a mental institution after the combined tedium drives me so insane I gouge out my eyes and proceed to fuck our maid. The okay thing is that I wouldn't care as long as it was done.

"Ill Family." A piece about autism. Printed on Muslin.
Truly Hopeless Romantic. Self Portrait.
The Bitch. Self Portrait.
The Cynic. Self Portrait.
Finding Jesus in a Baggie. Self Portrait.

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